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Total area: 1,990 m²
Leasable usable area: 1 620 m²
Garage area: 6,770 m²
Designer: Apa ZB
Years of the complex: 2016-2017

Group 182

The implementation on the premises of the existing production plant included the construction of an office building with internal installations: water supply, sanitary sewage, gas, central heating, electricity, mechanical ventilation along with the reconstruction of the internal road system, parking lot, reconstruction and expansion of technical infrastructure. The body of the building consists of four above-ground storeys with a plan similar to a rectangle. It was made as a glazed pane with elevation surfaces divided by vertical louvers with ribs made of perforated sheets. The structure of the building is made of a reinforced concrete slab and column system with two communication shafts. The implementation also included the finishing of common and office parts for the Investor.