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Przestrzenie Banacha


Budynki A1.1 A1.2 A1.3

Całkowita powierzchnia: 18 957 m²
Powierzchnia użytkowa mieszkań: 14 588 m²
Powierzchnia garaży: 8 143 m²
Liczba mieszkań: 267 Projektant: UCEES
Lata realizacji: 2019-2022

Group 205

Przestrzenie Banacha is a housing estate developed by Buma Contractor as general contractor in Krakow's Górka Narodowa. They were designed to function as a self-sufficient district in the future. A total of nearly 1,200 flats with commercial and service premises and accompanying infrastructure will be built here. The building under construction in the first stage consists of three 6-storey above-ground residential parts and one underground storey constituting a multi-car garage. The entire underground structure of the building down to the ground floor was made in the technology of a white bathtub. The scope of work also includes internal and external installations, finishing of common parts and development of external areas. Also noteworthy is the construction of an access road to the estate and the construction of a park with playgrounds.