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Total area of ​​the complex: 29,480 m²
Leasable usable area: 23 470 m²
Garage area: 14,950 m²
Building class: A.
Designer: medusagroup
Years of the complex: 2017-2020


The Cu Office is an office investment located in the oldest and most developed commercial area of ​​Wrocław - the Western Business District. The construction of the Cu Office office complex, due to the ground conditions and the high level of stabilized groundwater, was an extremely interesting undertaking for the General Contractor - sheet piling (with sheet piles up to 30m below ground level), micropiles under the foundation slabs or anti-filtration barrier made of CFA piles between the stages are only selected elements realized as part of this investment. The underground structure is protected against water with the use of bentonite mats. The buildings consist of a two-level underground garage and eight overground storeys and a two-level technical roof with an observation deck with low greenery. In addition to the modern installations necessary for building management, the buildings were also equipped with state-of-the-art elevators with intelligent control systems.