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Budynki A1 A2 D

Total area: 18,710 m²
Usable floor area of ​​the apartments: 12,990 m²
Garage area: 3 310 m²
Number of apartments: 296
Designer: B2 Studio
Years of implementation: 2018-2021


The 29. Aleja is a housing estate implemented as a multi-stage residential investment. As the General Contractor, we planned its construction in an extremely flexible way, so that the next stages would have the least impact on the already inhabited buildings. A characteristic element of the buildings are balconies with balustrades made of perforated sheet, crossed by vertical trellises. The building structures are designed as reinforced concrete with masonry filling. Partition walls in the apartments are made of gypsum blocks. During the implementation of individual buildings, particular emphasis was placed on maintaining the existing tree stand, which emphasizes the intimate nature of the estate.

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29Aleja (4)